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SECHSUNDZWANZIG (work outcome) is out now

february 2018

As work outcome n°4 in the row, SECHSUNDZWANZIG will give you a great look into the developement of S C K.

EINUNDZWANZIG [work outcome] released

december 2017

EINUNDZWANZIG is the third piece in the row of work outcomes. have a another listen into the musical developement of S C K.


SECHSUNDZWANZIG (work outcome)

february 2018

EINUNDZWANZIG [work outcome]

december 2017

VIERZEHN [work outcome]

august 2017

NEUN [work outcome]

may 2017


october 2016


october 2016


september 2016


august 2016


wanna have some history?

august 2016 - publishing Fiffti-Tu

after lots of experiments with different softwares and producing techniques, the need of a birthday present gave him the courage to produce his truly first track. being surprised that Fiffti-Tu is maybe not the best but also not the worst result that was possible, he decided to publish it - for now on YouTube. well, not the best idea if you want to reach an audience. 

september 2016 - publishing Karol

not so much to say about that. a second track. not as satisfactorily as Fiffti-Tu, but also not the worst.

october 2016 - publishing Bibbsel-Babbsel and Dignidad

in a quiete surprising workaholic feeling he published another two tracks. but in that stress to advance the productivity, the quality suffered obviously. there was no much satisfaction when he published Dignidad. 
the soundcloud-account of him was registered. so from that point, everything was also published on soundcloud, as a second platform.

november 2016 - may 2017

while starting one working project after another, he recognized that there was the need for a creative break. there was no effective workflow, none of those projects was ready to be finished. additionaly, there was some theater stuff to do.
one evening, after two months with any touch to the techno world, he opened ableton again - well, it was like a rising. suddenly, there was creativity again. and suddenly, he knew what to do - to take his time and to produce for himself, with any stress in his neck.
the result of all that time is NEUN, a work outcome. published as a compromiss, to let the audience take part a little bit of his process. maybe it will be the first in a long row of work outcomes, in a long process.

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